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Every year go for Medical Checkup
​Why still getting


Doctors are afraid to tell you
90% of medical checkup


have you think before?
Every year

use up so much money
for Medical Checkup
What's the
Purpose actually?


To check whether you have

  • High Blood Sugar

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Cancer?

Even if you find out you have

Cancer / 3 High

you still have to 

Spend a lot of Money
to Treat it


Good News!!!

This coming 24th October & 14th November
We have invited a
Senior Doctor from De Era :

Dr. Lim Wooi Khai

to share how to choose the right medical checkup to
Prevent Diseases
from occurring
5 Years in Advance


Klinik De Era Background

* Klinik De Era was established in 2013 with its headquarters in Ipoh

* Over the years, we have opened branches in SelangorKuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor

* Our team of doctors has grown to over 35 by 2023

Dr Lim-01.png

Klinik De Era Founder

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-06 at 1.51.13 PM.jpeg
  • Graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

  • Led a team of over 35 doctors and helped more than 5000 customers from around the world improve their health issues over a period of 10 years.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM)

  • Lifetime member of the Korean Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in the UK, and the International Medical Society.

  • Holds a certificate and privilege in Aesthetic Medicine from the Malaysian Ministry of Health (LCP) and a diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

  • Published papers in the medical field on stem cell therapy, orthopedics, and general practice.


How to choose the right Medical Check-Up

Listen to feedback
from our customers

As this sharing session has specifically invited a professional doctor

❗❗Limited Seats are Available❗❗

it will only be open to 50 viewers per session

​Original Price:RM199

Registration is currently free

there are 12 slots left, so it's first come, first served

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